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Working Principle of Motor Shell Stretching Mold

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Working Principle of Motor Shell Stretching Mold

一. Structural composition of motor shell drawing mold

The motor shell deep drawing mold usually consists of a mold base, positioning pins, ejector rods, lower pull-down plates, upper molds, lower molds, deep drawing rings and tie rods. The mold base is the foundation of the mold and carries the pull-down mold. All parts of

Positioning pin: The positioning pin is used to ensure that the position of the upper mold and the lower mold remains unchanged during operation to ensure the production quality of the motor casing.

Ejector: The ejector is used to install the mold and is connected to the unit through the torque shadow. The function of Xianghan is to provide pressure well to push the upper mold downward.

Pull-down plate; the pull-down plate is used to fix the lower mold to prevent the lower mold from moving during stretching and affecting the size and shape of the motor housing.

Upper mold: The upper mold is the core part of the stretch mold. It achieves the formation of the stretch quotient by compressing the ejector rod downward.

Lower mold: The lower mold is a component used to support the workpiece. It is connected to the mold through the chassis and fixed on the drop-down plate.

deep drawing ring: The deep drawing ring is a component used to insert the workpiece. It is connected to the upper die and the workpiece is stretched through the upper die.

Ladu: Ladu is a component used to adjust and control the position of stretching damage. It can be adjusted according to different processing requirements.

二. Work flow of motor shell drawing mold

The workflow of the motor shell drawing mold includes the following steps:

1. The upper mold is raised: In the stretch mold, the stretch ring is raised first, and then the ejector pin places the compression well of the upper mold onto the workpiece.

2. deep drawing:the pull rod adjusts the position of the stretching ring to create stretching force, which is used to stretch the workpiece to form the desired shape and size.

3. The lower mold moves: the lower pull-down plate moves, and the lower mold moves above the workpiece, forming an extended part

4. Remove the stretch ring: Continue to move the lower mold, take out the stretch ring, and form the stretch window.

5. Complete; the mold is lifted, the upper mold and the lower mold are separated, and the drawn workpiece can be taken out from the mold.

三. The function of motor shell stretching mold

The function of the motor shell drawing die is to form a window of the required shape and size by applying tensile force to the workpiece. Stretch molds can produce motor casings of various shapes and sizes to meet the needs of customers with different needs. The use of stretch molds can improve the quality and production efficiency of motor casings and reduce manufacturing costs.


The motor housing drawing die is one of the indispensable tools in motor housing manufacturing. Its working principle and components are very important. The micro can form windows of different shapes and sizes by pulling the workpiece. By understanding the working principle of the motor housing drawing mold, you can better understand the manufacturing process and use of the motor housing.

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