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Stamping parts processing process

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Stamping parts processing process

1. Cutting

The first step in stamping parts processing is to cut the raw material. Commonly used cutting methods include shearing, flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and other methods. Each of these cutting methods has its own characteristics and can be selected according to different materials and processing requirements.

stamping parts mold

2. Stamping

Stamping is the core process of stamping parts processing, which is processed by stamping machine or punch machine. The processing of stamping parts requires a series of operations such as automatic feeding, positioning, stamping and discharge. Stamping parts processing has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision and good repeatability, and is widely used in automobile, electronics, machinery and other industries.

stamping parts mold

3. Bending

Bending is an important process for forming stamping parts, which is to bend the stamping sheet into the required shape. Bending methods include manual bending, machine bending, hydraulic bending and other methods. During the bending process, factors such as elastic deformation and inclination of the material need to be considered to ensure that the bent stamping parts meet the design requirements.

stamping parts mold

4. Welding

Jointing is an important process for combining multiple stamped parts. Commonly used welding methods include spot welding, gas welding, arc welding, laser welding and other methods. When welding, attention should be paid to selecting appropriate welding materials and welding methods to ensure that the combined stamping parts are firm and durable.

stamping parts welding

5. Surface treatment

After the stamping parts are processed, surface treatment is required, including spraying, electroplating, heat treatment, brightening and other methods. These methods help enhance the appearance and corrosion resistance of stamping parts, and improve the quality and life of the product.

stamping surface treatment


The above are the main processes in the processing of stamping parts. Each process has its own unique characteristics and requirements. In actual processing, it is necessary to choose the appropriate process and processing equipment according to the specific situation to ensure the efficiency, accuracy and quality of stamping parts processing.

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