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Work flow of motor shell drawing mold

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Work flow of motor shell drawing mold

The workflow of the motor shell drawing mold includes the following steps:

1. The upper mold is raised

 In the stretching mold, the stretching ring is raised first, and then the ejector pin compresses the upper mold and places it on the workpiece.

2. Stretching

The pull rod adjusts the position of the stretching ring to create stretching force, which is used to stretch the workpiece to form the required shape and size.

3. The lower mold moves

the lower pull-down plate moves, and the lower mold moves above the workpiece, forming an extended part.

4. Remove the stretch ring

The lower mold continues to move and take out the stretch ring to form the stretch window.

5. Completion

The mold is lifted, the upper mold and the lower mold are separated, and the stretched workpiece can be taken out from the mold.

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