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What are the uses of functional hardware

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What are the uses of functional hardware

Functional hardware is widely used in various industries. Its advantage is that it can improve the quality and performance of products and ensure the durability and stability of products. Therefore, functional hardware is an integral part of the manufacturing industry.

1.Aerospace industry

Functional hardware also plays a very important role in the aerospace industry. In this field, hardware products have the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Common hardware products include screws, rivets, nuts, bolts, etc. They are widely used in the manufacturing of various aerospace vehicles and accessories, improving the quality and performance of aircraft, satellites, rockets and other products.


The construction industry is an extremely important industry that involves people's living and working environment. In the construction industry, functional hardware also has a wide range of applications. For example, building hardware includes door locks, hinges, floor locks, handles, glass clips, etc. They are an important part of ensuring the safety and beauty of a building. In addition, building hardware can also play functions such as fire prevention, sealing, sound insulation, and anti-theft.

3.Automobile industry

As a modern means of transportation, cars need to meet basic conditions such as safety, comfort, and stability. As an important component of automobiles, functional hardware plays an important role. For example, automotive bolts, buckles, nuts, etc. are all functional hardware that can fasten body parts and improve safety and stability. In addition, automobile exhaust pipes, air conditioning systems, braking systems, engines, etc. also need to use functional hardware, which increases the durability and performance of the car. manufacturing

 Furniture needs to be beautiful, durable, and stable. As an important part of the furniture manufacturing industry, functional hardware can perfectly match the furniture. Furniture hardware mainly includes gaskets, shafts, screws, drawer slides, etc., which play a vital role in furniture manufacturing. These functional hardware can ensure the durability and stability of furniture and improve the quality of furniture products.

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