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What Materials Are Used for Sheet Metal Processing?

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What Materials Are Used for Sheet Metal Processing?

The materials used for sheet metal processing include hot-rolled plates, cold-rolled plates, galvanized plates, copper, brass, stainless steel (matte, brushed, mirror), aluminum plates (6061/5052/1010/1060/6063/hard aluminum, etc.) , the functions and properties of the products are different, and the materials selected will also be different. Generally, the selection needs to be based on the use and cost of the product.

1. Hot-rolled plate SHCC, material T23.0mm, also uses electroplating and painted parts. The cost is low, but it is difficult to form. It mainly uses flat parts.

2. Cold-rolled plate SPCC is mainly made of electroplated and painted parts. It has low cost and is easy to form. The material thickness is s3.2mm.

3. Galvanized sheets SECC and SGCC. SECC electrolytic plates are divided into N material and P material. N material mainly does not require surface treatment and has high cost. P material is used for spray-coated parts.

4. Copper: It is mainly used for conductive materials. Its surface treatment is nickel plating, chromium plating, or no treatment, which is expensive.

5. Stainless steel: Mainly used without any surface treatment, high cost.

6. Aluminum plate; generally use surface chromate (J11-A), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), high cost, silver plating, nickel plating.

7. Aluminum profiles: Materials with complex cross-sectional structures, widely used in various plug-in boxes, with the same surface treatment as aluminum plates.

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