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Tips for die repairing for raised parts

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Tips for die repairing for raised parts

Tips for die repairing for raised parts

1. Correctly select die repairing methods

During the die repairing process, it is first necessary to select the appropriate die repairing method according to the specific situation of the raised parts. Generally speaking, die repairing methods are divided into manual die repairing and CNC die repairing.

Manual die repairing is relatively simple, but it has low precision and takes a long time. It is suitable for drawn parts with small raised parts and small numbers. CNC die repairing can quickly and accurately handle a large number of raised parts, and is currently a more common die repairing method.

When choosing a die repairing method, it is also necessary to pay attention to factors such as the material and size of the raised parts to avoid excessive or insufficient die repairing.

2. Reasonable design of mold structure

In addition to choosing the correct die repairing method, the design of the mold structure is also very critical. When dealing with raised parts, the mold structure needs to meet the following requirements:

1>. Sufficient strength: The raised parts of the drawn parts require great strength, so the mold needs to have sufficient strength and durability.

2>. Easy to operate: The mold design should be easy to operate and avoid too much manual labor or trimming steps.

3>. Simple structure: A mold with a simple structure is not only low in cost, but also easy to process and maintain.


When processing the bulge of the drawn part, you also need to pay attention to the following matters:

1>. Avoid excessive mold repair: Perform mold repair according to the specific situation of the bulge of the drawn part to avoid excessive mold repair that causes uneven surface or damage.

2>. Pay attention to the contact between the mold and the drawn part: The contact between the mold and the drawn part directly affects the mold repair effect and needs to be adjusted according to the specific situation.

3>. Do a good job of mold maintenance: The maintenance and care of the mold can extend its life and ensure its mold repair effect and processing accuracy.

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