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Precautions for metal stamping processing

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Precautions for metal stamping processing

Metal stamping is a commonly used metal forming process. It presses metal materials through molds to obtain the required shape and size of parts. During the metal stamping process, you should pay attention to the following points:

Metal stamping processing

1.Choose the right material. 

There are many kinds of forming materials for metal stamping processing, such as steel plates, aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, copper plates, etc. The selected materials must meet the requirements of stamping processing, otherwise the processing and forming quality will be low.

2. Choose the appropriate mold. 

Mold is the key to metal stamping processing, and the quality of the mold directly affects the forming quality of stamping processing. Therefore, when selecting a mold, the appropriate mold should be selected based on factors such as the shape, size, and material of the processed parts.

3. Check the machine tool. 

Before processing, it is necessary to check various parameters of the machine tool to ensure that the working performance of the machine tool meets the requirements, otherwise the quality of the processing will be affected.

4. Operation safety. 

Metal stamping processing is a dangerous operation. Therefore, during the processing, you must wear labor protection equipment and operate in strict accordance with safe operating procedures.

5. Maintain the mold. 

The mold is the most easily damaged part during the metal stamping process. Therefore, the mold should be checked regularly during the processing to detect damage in time and carry out timely repairs and maintenance.

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