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Material selection for brass drawing parts

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Material selection for brass drawing parts

Brass drawn parts are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, electronics, construction and other fields, mainly because brass has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The following factors are mainly considered when selecting the material of brass drawing parts:

1. Corrosion resistance

 Choosing materials with good corrosion resistance can increase the service life of tensile parts in harsh environments.

2. Strength

Choosing materials with appropriate strength can ensure that the tensile parts will not deform during use.

3. Lifespan

 Choosing materials with longer life can reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement of tensile parts.

Common brass drawing parts materials currently on the market include: C26000, C27000, C28000, C34500, C36000, etc. Different materials have different properties and prices. It is important to choose the appropriate material according to actual needs.

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