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Features of laser drilling small holes on the workpiece

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Features of laser drilling small holes on the workpiece

Laser processing of small holes uses a high-energy-density laser as a heat source to cause the material to be processed to generate a local instantaneous high temperature at the point to be processed, turning it into a molten or vaporized state to remove the material. When a laser with extremely high energy density irradiates the surface of a part to be processed, the light energy is absorbed by the surface of the part and converted into heat energy, causing the irradiated local area to rapidly melt or even vaporize, first forming a small pit.

As the light energy is absorbed, the metal vapor in the pits expands sharply, and the pressure suddenly increases, which has a strong impact on other parts, causing the steam and molten material to be explosively ejected at high speed, while processing on the workpiece has A small hole with a certain taper.

Characteristics of laser processing

1. It has nothing to do with the hardness of the material. It can drill holes in almost all materials. It is fast, efficient and has a small heat affected zone.

2. There are no problems such as tool loss, and there is almost no macroscopic force on the workpiece, so it can drill holes in easily deformed workpieces, and it is easy to realize automated continuous operations.

3. Can process fine and deep holes. The diameter of the small hole can be as small as 4-5um, and the depth-to-diameter ratio can reach more than 10

4. The processed holes have large roughness and poor roundness, and are easy to form bell mouths. The accuracy of the holes is generally lower than the industrial grade.

5. Affected by output power and focus, it is generally only suitable for processing small holes on thin plates.

In addition, because the equipment for laser drilling is relatively expensive, its application is also limited to a certain extent.

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