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Drawing of mold drawings for metal stamping parts

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Drawing of mold drawings for metal stamping parts

Drawing of mold drawings for metal stamping parts.

In a hardware stamping parts processing factory, stamping molds are required for stamping and processing hardware stamping parts. Today I will briefly introduce the drawing of the mold drawing of this stamping mold.

Mold designers need to perform relevant process calculations after fully analyzing the original data of metal stamping parts. Then on this basis, the overall structure and dimensions of the mold can be designed, and then the assembly drawing and parts drawing of the mold can be drawn. The following is an introduction to the drawing of mold drawings.

The first step in mold drawing is to draw a sketch of the mold structure; the second step is to draw the mold assembly drawing based on the mold sketch; and finally draw the mold parts drawing based on the mold assembly drawing.

When drawing a mold sketch, you should fully consider the designed mold structure, which can ensure the quality of stamping parts, adapt to production batch requirements, be easy and safe to operate, easy to manufacture and repair, and have a long service life. Under this premise, we should focus on solving the selection problems of forward and reverse structure, elastic and rigid unloading or output, positioning method and guiding method, so as to make them as reasonable as possible.

When drawing the assembly drawing of the mold, the main view and top view (side view and partial cross-section view if necessary) should be able to clearly reflect the assembly relationship and fixed connection method between the various parts, and mark the plane dimensions of the mold. and closed height dimensions. A layout diagram or process diagram should also be drawn in the upper right corner of the drawing, and the title block and detailed list should be drawn in the lower right corner of the drawing. If necessary, it is also necessary to write down technical requirements and instructions on the assembly, maintenance, operation and other related aspects of the mold.

When drawing mold parts, the part drawing should clearly express its structural shape, and all dimensions, tolerance dimensions, geometric tolerances, surface roughness, materials used, heat treatment requirements and other relevant technical requirements should be noted.

After the mold drawing design is completed, it must be checked. This is an indispensable step in the design work, because it is difficult for any mold designer to ensure that the designed drawings are free of any errors.

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