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Design principles of metal stamping parts

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Design principles of metal stamping parts

In a metal stamping parts processing factory, the design of metal stamping parts should comply with the following principles:

1. Hardware stamping parts must meet product usage and technical performance, and be easy to assemble and repair.

2. Hardware stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization rate of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and reducing material consumption as much as possible. Use cheaper materials where possible and make parts as waste-free and as low-waste as possible.

3. Hardware stamping parts must be simple in shape and reasonable in structure to facilitate simplifying the mold structure and simplifying the number of processes. That is, using the least and simplest stamping process to complete the processing of the entire part, reducing the need for other processing methods, and facilitating stamping operations. , to facilitate the organization of mechanized and automated production to improve labor productivity.

4. The designed stamping parts should be designed to have lower dimensional accuracy and surface roughness requirements while ensuring normal use, which is conducive to product interchange, reduces waste and ensures stable product quality.

5. Metal stamping parts should be processed using existing equipment, process equipment and processes as much as possible, and should be conducive to extending the service life of the stamping die.

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